Excellence In Digital Design

Creating web experiences which delight your users, draw more visitors, and generate increased sales and revenue.

My Approach

The pursuit of excellence. Responsive communication and responsive websites. A clear focus on your brand and bottom line: increased visitors, brand impact, business growth.

A Sample of MY Work

Web Design, Logos & Landing Pages

Clarity Breeds Mastery

Robin Sharma

Beautiful, fast-loading websites that serve your goals.

I build intuitive, beautiful websites that convert visitors to customers.

Your website is virtual real-estate. It is your primary brand platform, and a crucial tool for your business.

Let me help you make a great first impression and give your visitors what they are looking for.

I am always focused on user experience (UX) - both for your website visitors, and for you! I will select the technologies best-suited to meet your needs.

My goal is always in focus: fulfill your goals. Strengthen your brand, make your life easier, and increase your bottom line.

About ME

My name is Mike. I’ve been doing web design & development professionally since 2013. I’m also a single father fulltime, homeschooling my amazing daughter. I’m currently based in Kitchener, ON – though my heart yearns for a return to the mountains.

I take on only the projects I can handle, and hold high standards for communication and integrity. 

Reach out to me without hesitation; I’m approachable. I’ll be honest and direct about what I can do. If I can’t service your project personally, I’ll do my best to direct you to options that do meet your needs.

Contact us

Send me a message with what you want done (link to any websites if appropriate) and I’ll get back to you to talk about how we can meet your goals.

  • 1-604-698-7104
  • info@catalystweb.design
  • 216 Grovehill Crescent, Kitchener, ON